5. Post Construction

Post Construction & Final Inspection

Once all the plans are put in place, and the construction is finalized with a final city inspection (if required), we want to ensure that everything exceeds your expectations. The project coordinator will complete a final walk trough with you to ensure that everything is complete and discuss final bill once we know you are satisfied. We will also prepare your home by having the workspace professionally cleaned so that your home is completely ready for your enjoyment. We want you to be satisfied that everything planned met your deadlines and that any changes or additions meet your specifications. We inspect everything diligently and value your feedback.

Cleanliness and Protection

We take great pride in keeping our job site - your home - clean and efficient by keeping it free of debris. Construction materials are always be properly stored and we will provide all of necessary protection for you and your home. We will cover floors and cold air returns, lay down self-sealing temporary floor protection; enclose the workspace by creating temporary plastic walls, and etc. All job sites are cleaned on a daily basis to maintain very little dust.

Site Safety

We are thorough in keeping the work site safe for both you and our staff. All of our staff is well-trained professionals and we demand all employees and sub trades to follow all standard codes of conduct for safety. Work areas will be secured and we will review any necessary precautions with you well in advice.


Our schedule works around our costumers. Should your job require night shifts?, then we are the company for you. Our regular day starts at 8 am and ends when we feel we are on schedule. Our work weeks are Monsay to Saturday excluding holidays.


Your comments are important to us because we are always striving to improve. A survey form will be sent to you for all your comments. We want to know how you feel about your renovation experience so we can better ourselves.


We always like to show off our work and to keep expanding our portfolio. At your discretion we may ask to professionally photograph your renovation upon completion.


Working above building code requirements is our promise; we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work, during the construction period, as well as with the end results.